New York

  • A Racist Attack on Children Was Taped in 1975. We Found Them.

    The Times located a number of the black children assaulted by white teens during an anti-integration march in Queens in 1975. The incident was just one part of an organized and often violent effort by white Rosedale residents to prevent racial integration.

  • A Tour of the Plague Years in New York

    by Mike Wallace and Edwin Burroughs

    Two New York City historians revisit well- and lesser-known pandemics from the city's past. 

  • Richard Gilder’s American Legacy

    Howard Husock argues that the late Richard Gilder's work with the Central Park Conservancy showed the benefits of using private philanthropy to preserve public parks instead of government programs, and praises Gilder's support for the study of American history. 

  • Crises Have a Way of Accelerating History

    by Kim Phillips-Fein

    Crises like the one we're in upend the social order, reveal long-festering conflicts, and throw open the doors to futures both bleak and transformative. We can emerge from this crisis a more just society.