News at Home

  • D-Day 75 Years Later and the Quest for Peace

    by William Lambers

    American and allied soldiers lost their lives on D-Day so that others may live free. The best way to honor D-Day veteran’s sacrifice is to work for that elusive, but achievable eternal world peace. 

  • The Occupation of The Atlantic Mind

    by Walter L. Hixson

    The Atlantic magainze is distinguished by the intensity of its Zionist distortions of the past and present of the Palestine conflict.

  • The Expansion of Presidential Power Since 1973

    by Ronald L. Feinman

    Arthur Schlesinger Jr’s Imperial Presidency is now just the prelude to a far greater constitutional crisis that is possibly transforming the Presidency and destroying the separation of powers and checks and balances created by the Founding Fathers in 1787.