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There Have Been 10 Black Senators Since Emancipation

by Eric Foner

Elected 150 years ago, Hiram Revels was the first.


Klobuchar’s hot dish and Warren’s heart-shaped cakes soothe our unfounded fear of women in office

by Stacy J. Williams

Female candidates are using their culinary skills to win elections.



A museum of women's history is long overdue -- and so are many others

by Thomas A. Foster

As we work to recover histories of marginalized people and subjects for a more inclusive national history presented in our museums, we must also change how the Grand Narrative is told in a museum that purports to cover all of American history.



What We Still Don’t Get About George Washington

by Alexis Coe

There continue to be ways to look with fresh eyes at our founding-est founding father.



Seeing Black History in Context

by Erin Aubry Kaplan

It’s the perfect time to get real about America’s shortcomings.



Utah women had the right to vote long before others — and then had it taken away

by Katherine Kitterman

As we remember the 19th Amendment, we shouldn’t forget what came before it.



Think the US is more polarized than ever? You don’t know history

by Gary W. Gallagher

To compare anything that has transpired in the past few years to this cataclysmic upheaval represents a spectacular lack of understanding about American history.



Abraham Lincoln Healed a Divided Nation. We Should Heed His Words Today.

by Edward Achorn

Abraham Lincoln repeatedly tops polls as our greatest and most revered president. But few people thought so on March 4, 1865, when he took the oath of office for the second time.



Eugenics is trending. That’s a problem.

by Caitlin Fendley

Any effort to slow population growth must center on reproductive justice.



Pete Buttigieg’s race problem

by Tyler D. Parry

He doesn’t truly understand the problems plaguing black America and their racist roots.

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