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A University’s Betrayal of Historical Truth

by David W. Blight, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, Kevin M. Levin

The University of North Carolina agreed to pay the Sons of Confederate Veterans $2.5 million—a sum that rivals the endowment of its history department.


Trump’s Legacy Is Being Written Right Now

by Carolyn Eisenberg

The articles of impeachment against the president will reverberate through time and set the terms of possible reforms.



Nikki Haley gets the history of the Confederate flag very wrong

by Adam H. Domby

On Friday, Haley declared the Confederate flag was “hijacked” by the racism of a single white supremacist terrorist in 2015, and that before then, “people saw it as service, sacrifice and heritage.”



How teachers advocating for their students could backfire

by Diana D'Amico Pawlewicz

It reinforces the view of teachers as self-sacrificing servants instead of highly trained professionals.



Donald Trump is attacking both Jews and the left with one clean blow

by Kate Aronoff

Anti-Semitism and anti-leftism share a violent and intimate history that is being revived under Donald Trump.



A proposed EPA rule prioritizes industry profit over people’s lives

by Mona Hanna-Attisha

Limiting access to peer-reviewed science undermines the agency’s effectiveness.



Don’t Embrace Originalism to Defend Trump’s Impeachment

by Saul Cornell

Liberal legal scholars are at risk of falling into a right-wing trap.



Worcestershire Sauce and the Geographies of Empire

by Julia Fine

The complex origin of Worcestershire sauce reveals the ways that imperial ideals and aspirations — both in Britain and the colonies — structured not only British food habits, but also the ways in which companies presented such foods to the public.



50 years ago, LAPD raided the Black Panthers. SWAT teams have been targeting black communities ever since

by Matthew Fleischer

For one of the most dramatic moments in American policing, the raid on the Panthers headquarters is a relatively small historical footnote. But in the years since, SWAT has become a mainstay of modern policing.





The Emergence of Abraham Lincoln

by Sidney Blumenthal

How America’s 16th president went from virtual obscurity to ending slavery.

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