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Why we need to address the demands of striking ride-hailing service drivers

by Mary Angelica Painter

History tells us that ignoring these grievances could lead to catastrophic consequences.


The St. Louis roots of 'Make America Great Again'

by Steven P. Miller and Warren Rosenblum

In pronouncing this version of Americanism, the Legion drew upon the worst of the nation’s wartime tendencies: rising xenophobia.



The key to lowering America’s high rates of maternal mortality

by Melissa Reynolds

Health-care providers have forgotten the central lesson of two millennia of gynecology.



Revise, revise, revise. That’s how history works

by Jeff Kolnick

Revisionism is not something to be feared or rejected, nor is it something to be celebrated or revered. It is what historians do, and we do it all the time.



How John and John Quincy Adams predicted the Age of Trump

by Carol Berkin

“The Problem of Democracy” offers a final warning to its readers who live in an era of “alternate truths” and blind devotion to charismatic leaders.



The Coming Generation War

by Niall Ferguson and Eyck Freymann

The Democrats are rapidly becoming the party of the young—and the consequences could be profound.



Sandra Bland Did Not Kill Herself

by Crystal A. deGregory

I did not watch the video. I do not need to. I know that Sandra Bland did not kill herself—a morally corrupt justice system did.



May Fourth, the Day That Changed China

by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Protests in 1919 propelled the country toward modernity. One hundred years later, the warlord spirit is back in Beijing.



MLK's prescription for healing hate was embracing 'agape'

by Eli Merritt

King spoke about the Greek concept of agape, or brotherly love and compassion, a social concept he defined as “understanding, creative, redemptive good will for all men.”



Hamburgers Have Been Conscripted Into the Fight Over the Green New Deal. The History of American Beef Shows Why

by Joshua Specht

Hamburgers are the newest front in the culture wars.



The myths behind the push to resurrect child labor

by Oenone Kubie

Why is there a significant push to resurrect child labor.



Preventing an Israeli-Iran War

by Alon Ben-Meir

The EU is in a unique position to prevent the outbreak of a war between Israel and Iran that could engulf the Middle East in a war that no one can win.


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