Livestream event: The Greater Reconstruction: American Democracy after the Civil War

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This two-day national conference made possible by the Draper Chair endowment brings together leading as well as exciting new scholars to explore the nature and the political, legal, social, and cultural legacies of emancipation. It employs the "Greater Reconstruction" framework to broaden our conventional chronological and spatial understanding of this period. Panels will address topics that range from the grassroots history of southern Reconstruction and racial terror and violence to western and Native American history and political economy. President Susan Herbst of the University of Connecticut will inaugurate the conference. Professor Eric Foner, the preeminent historian of Reconstruction, shall deliver the keynote on Friday April 19 evening followed by a reception for all attendees. On Saturday April 20, the conference will conclude with a plenary panel with historians David Blight, Amy Dru Stanley, Steven Hahn, and Charles Postel. The conference organizer is Manisha Sinha, Draper Chair of American History at the University of Connecticut.


For a more detailed schedule and to watch the livestream, click here.

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