New Evidence Supporting Volcanoes as Cause for Mass Extinction and Rapid Climate Change

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66 million years ago, there was an extinction event that wiped out Earth’s non-avian dinosaurs. A recent study by Princeton University has provided fresh insight into what exactly may have caused this dramatic event.

According to researchers from Princeton, a new geological timeline shows that a series of colossal volcanic eruptions in India 66 millions years ago propelled enormous amounts of climate modifying gases into the atmosphere. This occurred immediately before, and throughout, the period when earth’s non-avain dinosaurs became extinct.

These findings support the idea that volcanic activity played a role in the Cretaceous-Paleogene, or K-Pg extinction, according to EarthSky. It also challenges the governing concept that a meteorite crash near what is now known as Chicxulub, Mexico, was the lone cause of the annihilation of non-avian dinosaurs.

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